Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mid-Term Elections!

The first election I voted in was a mid-term election.

In a state I no longer lived in, but I'd registered as soon as possible of course, because I was 18 and duh, I'd been looking forward to this since about 2004! (Illness gives you a lot of time to read.) So when I got back home, it was too late to be registered for the election here.

Happily, it looks like Fincher will not win in my district. He's the Republican candidate. He called out his opponent for being so evil he... I don't know if I can repeat this... voted/worked on/whatever Tenncare. Health insurance for poor people. It's so evil. While Herron said Fincher lied about his taxes and snooze.

As for governor? Too close to call. I hope it's not Haslam because in his ads, he says he has a plan. What is that plan? No one will say. Also, he thinks the state can be run like a business. It can't.

Consolidation of Memphis and Shelby County? I have no idea what this will do or not do. Nashville's consolidation has helped it and Davis County, but... if it does pass, I hope that means we'll go back to the old library system where by gum, I could ride my bike to the library and pick up books I'd ordered from downtown Memphis libraries. Now you kids get off my lawn!

A result from my state that hurts my head. I was ignorant, I didn't read up on the issues ahead of time, but when I did, I did not regret my vote.

There was a proposed constitutional amendment to make it legal to hunt and fish in Tennessee.

Yes, it's already legal. No one was doing anything to make it illegal or to restrict either in any way.

However, gay marriage. So if some states let gays get married, in 10 years, some PETA freaks could take away our hunting rifles and fishing poles.

And, to quote one concerned citizen (I shit you not),

"I'd be bored."

So. It will most likely pass - only 99% of the districts are in, and it's only 84% in support.

Our state constitution. We're changing it for fishing. Way to live up to stereotypes, Tennessee voters!

Though we didn't vote for Rand Paul, so we're not that bad. We didn't field any big tea party candidates, none weird enough to make national waves, so yay?