Saturday, March 29, 2008

X-files movie trailer! X-files movie trailer!


July 25th.

Less than four months away!


Here's the link
, I only downloaded a portion of it!

It's leaked of course.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm a geek.

When I first saw commercials for the new movie The Ruins, I thought it was based on this book.

Especially when I found it is based on a book!

But no, it's not the new X-files movie.

And I'm still a geek.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Comical Thoughts

Today's Curtis made me happy, which is unusual. I love the artwork, but I only laugh at the Sunday strips where Curtis makes fun of the hats.

But today's! Curtis is at the barbershop, listening to the barber, who always has something interesting/funny to say.

The sign(s) on the wall change from panel to panel. Little background gags.

But look at the first one.

I don't know what Ray Billingsley had in mind when he put this in the comic, so this is merely my interpretation.

If you can't see it, it says "Blonde Dye! Not Here!"

That says to me that Gunther is proud of being black, and proud of every physical part of his identity - including his hair. (Or he was.)

But some people aren't, and one way to hide blackness is to change hair - straighten it, make it lighter, make it whiter. (In 11th grade, we had to read an excerpt from Malcolm X's biography about the time he used lye on his hair to look "better".)

So this sign makes me happy - comics do matter, or they wouldn't be there. They do stay with us. Curtis is already important because it has a black family doing... family things! The horror! And now with the black pride background gag, well, that's great.

Curtis's uplifting background sign is challenged by Billy's lies in today's Family Circus.

It is true that you never see rabbits wearing glasses, but that has more to do with the fact that they are animals than their diet. (Which isn't exclusively carrots.)

Carrots are the only vegetables I will eat willingly - as long as they're uncooked. In fact, according to a kindergarten or 1st grade project, carrots were my favorite food. And yet, I wear glasses.

Carrots won't stop the glasses monster from vandalizing your face, but the vitamin found in it is good for eye health, I believe. I'm not looking it up, I'm just saying that Billy is a liar.

Despite the lies and social messages, I still laughed at a comic: today's Mother Goose & Grimm.

::silly grin::

Enjoy your Wednesday, the week's halfway over!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Some pictures that are just too...

awesome for words.

I'm talking, of course, about the Smithsonian's "Nature's Best Photography
Windland Smith Rice International Awards Exhibition 2007."

This one showed up in my inbox this morning, courtesy of Cute Overload.

Sea Lion and Pup taken by Eddie Schermerhorn.

Aw, so cute.

But not my favorite.

This one is:

Fly Geyser taken by Rodney Lough

It reminds me of Iceland and snow and I love it.

But this one is also my favorite.

Red Fox taken by Steve Hinch in Yellowstone National Park. Steve is from Yellowstone, Wyoming. I think he cheated. But who cares?


The category for this picture? Animal Antics. Hahahahahaha.

ETA: They did it in 2006, too.


Snow and Ice at Sunset by Robert Servranck.

Polar Bear by Norbert Rosing

Giraffe by Marsel Van Oosten

Rockhopper Penguins by Laura Crawford Williams (Animal Antics winner!)

Friday, March 14, 2008

My life in the comics.

Courtesy of Garfield.

I'm just glad we don't have a garage. Or a cat.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh no.

I didn't laugh at today's Marmaduke, but I do identify with it.

Dixie hasn't broken anything with her tail yet, but when she gets excited, it seems like she could.

Marmaduke is never funny, but today, it is accurate.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Some Random Silliness.

The best kind!

In this Pandagon post, the idiots being discussed are compared to dogs.

I don't know how to link to replies, but I have to post this.

So I'll remember it and hopefully amuse others.

I now reserve the right to hold up my dog as an example of a more intelligent and evolved being than this asshole. Keeping in mind the fact that my dog is so stupid that she frequently forgets that the fluffy thing attached to her ass is actually her own tail and not an interloping terrorist.

By Helena. Post 103.