Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mikey clone spotted on the interwebs!

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This is just silly.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some noteworthy nonsense

I missed History last Thursday because I was asleep. I decided to skip the lab after my science class and sleep (I barely remember the lecture before that - I kept nodding off). I planned on waking up 30 minutes before my history class to see if I felt more awake.

So I set my alarm for 1:30.

The class starts at one.

So I went back to sleep. I ended up sleeping almost 7 hours. My body didn't want fall break to be over - four days including the weekend. (Great for those with weekend classes, but it was just an excuse to close everything on campus on Saturday and Sunday.)

I e-mailed my History teacher, and she said I should get the notes from somebody. I planned to do that when we got the study guide for next Thursday's test, so I would know what to look for.

This girl who sits behind me in science also sits near me in history. Today, I asked if I could borrow her notes or something along those lines. We also have lab together, so I asked her to decipher her handwriting before lab started officially. She didn't give me her e-mail address and probably figured I knew her name. And I was going to give her her notes in history.

History was cancelled today.

I dithered around, taking notes from her notes for about 30 minutes (finished before one, ha!) and telling people class was cancelled. I decided to wait to see if she would come up, but after fifteen minutes when no one came, I said forget it.

I decided to e-mail her. My history teacher has the habit of e-mailing all our addresses instead of just the class name. Unfortunately, my science prof and lab teacher don't, so I couldn't cross-reference to narrow down the e-mail addresses.

I e-mailed every girl in the class, or at least everyone with a potentially female name. (Jesse, for one.) Except one.

She sat next to me in the computer lab and asked if she could copy my notes, since she missed a day, blah blah blah. She was the second one to ask, but the first guy said he couldn't handle my handwriting. But we exchanged phone numbers so I can get my notebook back before one p.m. Tuesday.

I really hope she texts me this evening - my history notes are in a notebook with my anthropology notes, and guess what I have first thing tomorrow morning?

But it's not all nonsense.

I got an A on my science test! I got a 73 on the first one. I now know how to study for these tests, and this class won't kill me. What will kill me is this glitch. Last time, I counted what I missed when he went over the questions and I missed one less than I'd been given credit for. And so did just about everybody else.

It happened again. And I got the topo lab back today and it's a 95. Sweet!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Three things I know

One - Foxes are cute.

Two - Firefox 3 is pretty cool, except for the whole crashing thing. At least I can restore everything a second later. I thought crashes were supposed to take you know, time. Not just be a ten second irritant. (Though nothing tops Windows, which told me Windows Media Player stopped working right when after I closed it. Brilliant!)

Three - These are adorable!




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Monday, October 13, 2008

This song is driving me mad.

What do I know about this song?

I know that I like it. A lot.

I also know that it is a "sweet song," according to "darudarling" who last logged on a month ago.

It is labeled as a Rajasthani song and the tags are "country," "folk," "world," "music," and "alternative."

There is one comment. (Mine.) However, there are 2 ratings. I know one is mine, and I wouldn't be surprised if the other is well.

None of the related videos are the same song.

Search for the title? Ha! Ayo and Re are very common, and I don't even know if this is the actual title. This has happened a few times, but there are comments correcting the title or related videos that feature the correct title. Oh, I've watched the related videos of similar length, for nothing.

There are clues in the video itself. Starting at 6:48 are credits! In a language I can't read, let alone identify! (Hindi? Arabic? Telugu? Tamil? I know it's not Hebrew.)

So. I doubt anyone reads this thing but me, but on the off chance an expert on Rajasthani music comes by, I'm putting this out there. The last time I asked for help, nothing. I found the book on my own and ordered it ASAP. It's Erasure by Percival Everett, who I had the good luck to meet last semester.

How'd I find it? In a book I got on an impulse at Barnes & Noble one day called Making Friends with Black People by the comedian Nick Adams. It's pretty funny, and it wasn't actually the first time I'd read the book, but when I got to the part where he mentioned black authors. (Forgive me, Mr. Adams. I read it about a year ago and there have been many books since then.) I googled them, and was browsing Percival Everett's wikipedia page when Erasure jumped out at me.

The first time I read the book, it was a library book. Still have no idea why, but why question the results? Unfortunately, it is no longer at the library.

One last bit about the book - I read it over a weekend with the flu. I'd been planning to read the book, and I blazed through it at a speed that still amazes me considering the haze I was in the day before. The narrator is just at the edge of sanity, making the book kinda trippy. So reading while sick with the flu upped the insanity quotient. I hope my next reading will be as trippy. Oh, it's not a book you read more than once a year or so, it's too bleak at times, especially the ending to read too often, especially if you're prone to depression. (Like me.)

So. Erasure by Percival Everett is an amazing book.

And I still don't know enough about this song!


Thank you.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I don't know what this says about me, or my life,

but I saw this and my jaw dropped.

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I can't resist some MAD references, you know?

Back in the real world, it's fall break. And it has been for almost 12 hours. Oh I partied heartily with this week's America's Next Top Model and a rerun of Good Eats about celery.

I think I need to reign it in. After all, fall break is only four days. And Saturday and Sunday count as part of the break, so everything's closed on campus. Wee!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Two silly lolcats.

Not that there are any serious ones, but still.

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Of course, I couldn't go to the library today because it's raining raining raining was that thunder?


I got my Shahrukh Khan shirts from Cafepress and they fit! Eeee! Now I get to confuse people all over the Memphis area, and if I don't, I've found a new friend.

I am quite happy.

No, no, I will not acknowledge that I have a quiz tomorrow!

God, I love the South.

Delores Gresham is running for state senate here in Tennessee.

She's a Republican. I think. That's the south for you!

Anyways, I heard the ad before I looked at it. The caption said "Married to Will: 39 years" or something to that effect.

And then there's a shot of her and maybe her adult children and her husband striding across a field, all toting their hunting guns. The voice-over says something about traditional values, while the caption says "Protect the NRA and Right-to-Life." (Or something to that effect. I'm not searching for the ad!)

Guns and babies. What could be more American than that duo?