Tuesday, October 07, 2008

God, I love the South.

Delores Gresham is running for state senate here in Tennessee.

She's a Republican. I think. That's the south for you!

Anyways, I heard the ad before I looked at it. The caption said "Married to Will: 39 years" or something to that effect.

And then there's a shot of her and maybe her adult children and her husband striding across a field, all toting their hunting guns. The voice-over says something about traditional values, while the caption says "Protect the NRA and Right-to-Life." (Or something to that effect. I'm not searching for the ad!)

Guns and babies. What could be more American than that duo?

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smudge magee said...

Good lord, its a Family Guy skit that has become sentient and is now roaming the landscape, huntin' deers and queers.