Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some noteworthy nonsense

I missed History last Thursday because I was asleep. I decided to skip the lab after my science class and sleep (I barely remember the lecture before that - I kept nodding off). I planned on waking up 30 minutes before my history class to see if I felt more awake.

So I set my alarm for 1:30.

The class starts at one.

So I went back to sleep. I ended up sleeping almost 7 hours. My body didn't want fall break to be over - four days including the weekend. (Great for those with weekend classes, but it was just an excuse to close everything on campus on Saturday and Sunday.)

I e-mailed my History teacher, and she said I should get the notes from somebody. I planned to do that when we got the study guide for next Thursday's test, so I would know what to look for.

This girl who sits behind me in science also sits near me in history. Today, I asked if I could borrow her notes or something along those lines. We also have lab together, so I asked her to decipher her handwriting before lab started officially. She didn't give me her e-mail address and probably figured I knew her name. And I was going to give her her notes in history.

History was cancelled today.

I dithered around, taking notes from her notes for about 30 minutes (finished before one, ha!) and telling people class was cancelled. I decided to wait to see if she would come up, but after fifteen minutes when no one came, I said forget it.

I decided to e-mail her. My history teacher has the habit of e-mailing all our addresses instead of just the class name. Unfortunately, my science prof and lab teacher don't, so I couldn't cross-reference to narrow down the e-mail addresses.

I e-mailed every girl in the class, or at least everyone with a potentially female name. (Jesse, for one.) Except one.

She sat next to me in the computer lab and asked if she could copy my notes, since she missed a day, blah blah blah. She was the second one to ask, but the first guy said he couldn't handle my handwriting. But we exchanged phone numbers so I can get my notebook back before one p.m. Tuesday.

I really hope she texts me this evening - my history notes are in a notebook with my anthropology notes, and guess what I have first thing tomorrow morning?

But it's not all nonsense.

I got an A on my science test! I got a 73 on the first one. I now know how to study for these tests, and this class won't kill me. What will kill me is this glitch. Last time, I counted what I missed when he went over the questions and I missed one less than I'd been given credit for. And so did just about everybody else.

It happened again. And I got the topo lab back today and it's a 95. Sweet!

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