Monday, October 13, 2008

This song is driving me mad.

What do I know about this song?

I know that I like it. A lot.

I also know that it is a "sweet song," according to "darudarling" who last logged on a month ago.

It is labeled as a Rajasthani song and the tags are "country," "folk," "world," "music," and "alternative."

There is one comment. (Mine.) However, there are 2 ratings. I know one is mine, and I wouldn't be surprised if the other is well.

None of the related videos are the same song.

Search for the title? Ha! Ayo and Re are very common, and I don't even know if this is the actual title. This has happened a few times, but there are comments correcting the title or related videos that feature the correct title. Oh, I've watched the related videos of similar length, for nothing.

There are clues in the video itself. Starting at 6:48 are credits! In a language I can't read, let alone identify! (Hindi? Arabic? Telugu? Tamil? I know it's not Hebrew.)

So. I doubt anyone reads this thing but me, but on the off chance an expert on Rajasthani music comes by, I'm putting this out there. The last time I asked for help, nothing. I found the book on my own and ordered it ASAP. It's Erasure by Percival Everett, who I had the good luck to meet last semester.

How'd I find it? In a book I got on an impulse at Barnes & Noble one day called Making Friends with Black People by the comedian Nick Adams. It's pretty funny, and it wasn't actually the first time I'd read the book, but when I got to the part where he mentioned black authors. (Forgive me, Mr. Adams. I read it about a year ago and there have been many books since then.) I googled them, and was browsing Percival Everett's wikipedia page when Erasure jumped out at me.

The first time I read the book, it was a library book. Still have no idea why, but why question the results? Unfortunately, it is no longer at the library.

One last bit about the book - I read it over a weekend with the flu. I'd been planning to read the book, and I blazed through it at a speed that still amazes me considering the haze I was in the day before. The narrator is just at the edge of sanity, making the book kinda trippy. So reading while sick with the flu upped the insanity quotient. I hope my next reading will be as trippy. Oh, it's not a book you read more than once a year or so, it's too bleak at times, especially the ending to read too often, especially if you're prone to depression. (Like me.)

So. Erasure by Percival Everett is an amazing book.

And I still don't know enough about this song!


Thank you.


Polsy said...

Barely useful, but

Naturally this is one of the albums they have no detail on at all. And yeah, it doesn't help that 'ayo re' is all over the place, or that it's frequently 'aayo', and I've seen 'savan' too (though that might actually be different).

Kaitlyn said...


I feel silly now - it was just a google search with the title provided in quotation marks.

I just never did that because I'm stupid.

Thanks, I'll see where this takes me.

Polsy said...

Well, you did have to know it was 'aayo' rather than 'ayo'. Even with that I was thrown off by 'Aayo Re Sawan Aayo Re' from a 1969 Bollywood film for a while.

Kaitlyn said...

Oh God, I HATE that movie for throwing me off so much.

Well now I have the album's name, and I can buy the song for a dollar.

From a site I can't even begin to translate.

I'll think of something.

I do appreciate the help though because it shows someone else reads this blog and doesn't tell me about being an ape.