Sunday, October 28, 2007

There are no words.

Just laughter.

I can't describe it properly, but oh man, I wish I could see the whole comic. Not that Mr. Kitty's excerpts aren't enough...

Let's see - An African Prince - Zwanna son of Zulu - must enroll in an American college to get his 'royal education'. Along the way, he fights skinheads who like to beat up black people. Then, he kills 3 transvestites who, while not looking for sex, like to 'strip countries of their wealth, then kill or remove the protesting leaders'.

You have to see this.

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Anonymous said...

The three transvestites that cause all the trouble in the world aren't as random as they appear on first glance - the names map to three well-known American presidents, so presumably this is (angry!) geopolitical commentary.