Thursday, January 03, 2008

This is so weird.

I cannot handle somebody breathing or talking to my back.

No, I don't mean I need to look somebody in the eye, I just cannot stand it when breath touches my back.

It hasn't been an issue in a long time, because it usually happens when I'm in a cramped line, like the ones used in elementary and middle school.

If somebody was too close, my back would start twitching, it just feels bad.

It may be similar to being tickled, but it's never pleasant.

Just now, I moved back a bit, I wanted to try to lay down. Well, Wickett was on the top cushion next to my pillows.

He started growling and I freaked out. My back was prickling, nothing could stop it, not even getting away from him! I tried to put a blanket over my back, it didn't work.

I was shrieking at him, practically begging him to get off the couch. It bothers me so much.

I had to get him a bone to get him off the couch.

I just don't get him - if he's so damn mad, why doesn't he leave? Go somewhere without a human?

I can still feel it, but it's a bit better.

Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

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