Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm in love.

It's addicting as hell, though yes, the video is cheesy.

This is Armenia's entry into this year's Eurovision contest.

It's going up in the first semi-final on May 12, so you know, all my European readers (ha!) who won't vote for their own country or however its done.

Eurovision sounds somewhat interesting, depending on my mood - I mean, this is the fifty-fourth one. That's a long time, says my 3am brain.

According to my exhaustive research (clicking on the "history of Eurovision"), Vatican City is one of three European countries to still not participate. That one is the funniest of all, because they could compose a stirring ode to Catholicism or abstinence, all set to funky dance beat!

I'm going back to bed.

One more bit - that same page says that lots of new countries entered after the fall of communism.

I thought there were no books about Eurovision from an earlier Amazon search, but I was wrong. That makes me happy. Something this old deserves a book. I hope it's good. What? I'm not going to buy it. Liking one Eurovision entry, some ABBA songs, and a Greek singer does not mean I need to shell out over $21 for a paperback about something I have no experience with!

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HelenTheHermit said...

It's true. Lots of new countries are now in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Everyone used to get to sing on the night, but now you have to qualify.

Our commentator bloke (who has given it up now) has complained lately that all the voting is political these days.

Greece always give top marks to Cyprus and vice-versa.

And the UK get nothing these days since we're looked on as too friendly with the US.