Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some quixotic internet causes of mine.

I have not read any of the Twilight books, nor have I seen any of the movies. I'm going to check out the first when I go back to school. My sister has the first one. She also has a incredibly messy room. She's (most likely) re-reading Eclipse because of the movie.

Twilight is part of my internet missions - I want people to stop mocking the fans. (Though I have no defense for some of the merchandise - Edward Panties are just... I don't know.)

And when I googled to get that link, the first link was to a site called "Twitarded," oh so cleverly calling the fans retarded. People defend their use of ableist language (lame, retarded) by saying they don't mean that anymore. Then why use them as an insult? They must still mean something bad, or they wouldn't be used that way.

I assume the more common nickname for fans - Twihards, comes from "die hard" - they're die hard fans. That's fine.

Anywho... I don't like the bashing of Twilight fans. (And the hatred for the books seems extreme, especially when it's just plain hatred and doesn't involve a critique - how are the Quilutes portrayed, the problematic relationships - if she picked Jacob, it still would be unhealthy. And the one with Edward is just a mess.)

Small note - my sister would rip me a new one if she saw this - how can you talk about it if you haven't read it? Because I'm curious and now I'm finally thinking of reading the books. (She also could not believe that I knew bits and pieces about Lost, despite never watching the show. It was incredibly popular and mentioned on many sites I visit. Of course I know there's a smoke monster!)

The bashing of Twilight and its fans seems to just be reactionary - if it's popular, it must be bad. Also, more sinister, it is very popular with women and girls, and things that women like are always belittled.

Anyway, the Twilight books do not mean that the books you like disappeared or magically changed into Twilight. Same with the movies. Twilight did nothing to you. So cut it the fuck out. Also, wouldn't your time be better spent doing something you enjoy, like reading a book you love? (I said this on FB and a friend asked how will I feel superior now? That was a puzzler, but you can feel superior to the Twilight bashers now! Problem solved.)

Well, I wrote a novel, and I don't have much about the others.

I cannot stand the endless mocking of Justin Beiber - he's a girl, he's gay. It has nothing to do with his music, just his appearance and age. People are mocking a young boy. Which is so classy.

And something that keeps coming up every time M. Night Shyamalan makes a movie, and since the Village, they've started to really suck, according to reviews. (The Village and Signs scared the crap out of me, though I've never seen Unbreakable or The Sixth Sense.)

People purposely mispronounce his name or write it incorrectly - Shamalamadingdong. Yes, his name is long, but it's not hard to pronounce. On a tangent, I don't mind when Colbert mispronounces Ahmadinejad's name, because he slips a joke in there each time.

I basically hate mispronouncing names after you've been told how to pronounce it. It shows a lack of respect. "You're so unimportant, I'm not even going to bother remembering how to say your name."

One last pet peeve that started when the Saudi prince visited Bush and they held hands. The gay "jokes" never stopped. It's based on xenophobic ignorance - in some cultures, men can be more expressive and friendly with each other - hugging and holding hands, for example.

One last thing - calling Hugh Jackman (or a famous character he plays) gay because he does Broadway and danced and sang when he hosted the Oscars is just gross, and one thing I love about Bollywood - the men lip-sync and dance in the movies... and at the award shows.

Anyway, I want people to stop being racist and to stop mocking Justin Bieber and Twilight fans. I'm more deluded than Don Quixote, aren't I?


Adelaide Dupont said...

Hi, I saw the 6th Sense and another MSS movie. I think it was the Labrynith or something similar.

Loved reading about your causes.

I always understood Twihard = as try hard. That can be an insulting term in itself! Especially when things in fashion are referenced.

And I see more and more Bieber impersonations every day.

Kaitlyn said...

Twihard as try hard doesn't make much sense, though it can be an insulting - they're trying so hard to be cool, but they all suck.

I think I'm about 10 more references to Justin Bieber as a girl to making a "Leave Justin alone" video on youtube.

It's so odd, I tried to listen to one of his songs and didn't like it.

I didn't grab an AP pic and then call him a girl 5 seconds later.

And of course, most of the "Justin Bieber is a girl" stuff is found at comedy websites - since they're not directed to women specifically, it's assumed we don't read it.

Which is really weird because one of the worst offenders is part of the Cheezburger network - you know, pictures of kitties and puppies? Something quite girly, going by my rigid gender stereotypes.

Thanks for commenting!

My friend says she mangles MNS' shame, but it's okay because Shamalamadingdong just means he's a ding dong.

No one does that with James Cameron or George Lucas, and the latter pissed off a huge fanbase. But they're nerds, so who cares?


Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Reactionary ? The Twilight series is very conservative, so I would guess those bashing it would be unlikely to be reactionaries. Maybe it doesn't mean what you think ?

Two pages of trying to read the book was my limit. But I watched the first movie on DVD, and my sister and had a good giggle at the bad writing, acting, makeup, lighting - making young people look so bad is kind of a talent.

Watch it before you bash it is a good policy. Good luck in your struggle with ignorance.

Kaitlyn said...

Anon - you're right, reactionary's not the right word - maybe "knee jerk reaction" is better.

I think fighting ignorance - including our own - is probably the most quixotic cause.

I don't have a problem with people bashing the books - just with bashing people who like something you don't. Especially because I have no taste and like movies everyone else hated and hate the ones everyone loves.

One downside to battling your own ignorance is that you ruin jokes - why is their braille on a drive-up ATM? blind people driving, hahahaha!

Because ATMs are all made at one place and it's cheaper to modify the drive-up ones than to make 2 separate kinds.