Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wickett has lost 20 pounds - in one day!

I'll sell you the secret if you want.


He went from a dust mop to a naked little elf dog, so cute.

However, he didn't get a bandanna this time.

No pictures, he looks the same every time.

The offer free boarding, and the grooming drop off time is always 7:30 in the morning, so we dropped him off at 2pm Monday and picked him up at 4 Tuesday. I paid, and he doesn't care.

He was too funny.

Monday, there was another small dog there, sitting with a mother and daughter on the bench. I held onto my shadow puppy and stood.

He was shaking most of the time, and he didn't even bark back when the other dog barked at him!

I waited a while, and then took his leash and collar out to the car.

Leaving the building, of course, brought out the groomer. She adores him, but he hates her, at least in front of us and the general public. He's putty in the backroom. His first groomer was her son, but he moved to another vet way out of our way, so he's stuck with the evil lady for now.

When we came back in, the claws came out, and he climbed higher up my shoulder, like he was going to escape or something.

She wanted to touch him, and then he growled. She laughed and left.

Then a male ... intern... guy... not a vet, not a person at the desk, just someone who takes the dogs to the back grooming/boarding area and brings them back.

Normally, he loves men, especially strange men.

Not last Monday. Mom told me how to hand him over, and I did. She said butt first - so I pried him off my shoulder and thrust him at the man, back first, so he was facing me. The guy thought Wickett needed a strange woman to dognap him, but I said no, he really does like guys better.

Once he was out of my arms, I was gone.

Tuesday afternoon, after Jeopardy (I won. No Jeopardy on Wednesday because there was breaking news that had to break at 3:30! The news starts on Jeopardy's channel at 4, couldn't they have waited?), we went back to get him.

I went in, just like before.

First I paid, after waiting a while.

Then I relaized I needed a receipt.

Then they relaized that I was dogless.

Then nothing happened.

Then one of the desk ladies went back to get him.

My guess - he looked so different, they didn't think Wickett Trumpets was the same Wickett Trumpets I wanted.

People who saw him the day before did not believe it was him, I didn't until we got home and I had a bad hold on him getting him out of the car, then I knew for sure.

Same old crab, just too darling for words!

Dixie is finally getting her summer cut Thursday. Daily, she sheds more hair than on Wickett and Mikey's body - without being brushed. She shakes, wintercoat flies. She gets up, clumps of blonde gray hair on the ground.

I'm paying for Dixie's - I was quoted $45, so I'm expecting $50. I paid $38 for Wickett's, 3 or 8 bucks more than the quote, but they make miracles happen, so it's worth it.

Mikey is a knotty mess. His ears in particular. Wickett's ears were knotted as well, but you couldn't see them, because he's the shadow puppy.

You can see Mike's. Becky's paying for his. He'll come home a naked elf dog. His mixed-up curls will be gone for now, but the texture still changes at the spots.

Wickett and Mikey have to be groomed about ever 3 months. I just looked at the date for my post about the microchips, and those were done when the boys were groomed. In late February or early March!

Dixie, on the other hand, only needs it once a year. She does not become a different dog with her long hair.

I can't wait to see Dixie all summered up!

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