Monday, July 30, 2007

I must apologize for the long links list.

The 'Interesting Websites' one in particular.

Blogs are personal websites, and mine is a particularly dull one that has few visitors.

So it's mostly here for my enjoyment.

It's also useful.

With the high speed internet, we got rid of Compuserve, which meant I lost every favorite I had there. I don't want to have another favorites list here, I'm not sure why really, it doesn't matter.

So the links lists act as my favorites - especially since I'll be switching computers in less than a month. It's nice to have them saved online, where I can always find them.

I started before we got rid of Compuserve, because Compuserve got a little weird, and had to be reinstalled or something, so we lost all our favorites and Becky lost her the user account she was using at the time, though it still existed - she had to log on as a guest to get it.

Becky's favorites are saved to her desktop - she can just click on an icon and instantly be at MySpace! She's too worried about what her idiot friends might do, though, so she's not always logged in. It's usually one guy who's not really her friend, he just hangs out with everyone. he got a number from her cell and harassed this girl, one of Becky's coworkers. So she's keeping herself logged out.

That's it.

I think the links provide a short picture of my interests, but then, so does everybody's.

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Ithildriel said...

Hope you are doing well kiddo. You inspired me to start a blog, finally.