Thursday, August 02, 2007

Something confusing about the RSOs at school.

RSOs are registered student organizations and there are many of them. There will be a RSO fair early on in the year, which reminds me of club day at high school, only it will probably be cooler.

One of our sessions at frosh camp was about RSOs and getting involved on campus in general.

Showing my new boldness, I didn't volunteer to speak about one subject until the other guy looked a bit confused. So I jumped in. The ones I had to speak about were the minority organizations - 3 in particular, the African-American one, the Hispanic one, and Stonewall, the gay and lesbian group, which is relatively new. (Nobody knew the reason behind the name.)

I was surprised and pleased that we had a gay student organization.

But that's not the confusing part...

The religious organizations confused me and still does, but thinking about it now, it makes some sense.

Lumped with the religious groups? The atheist organization. (Again, truly surprised and pleased to see one exists here.)

When I asked why, nobody had a good answer.

Atheism is not a religion, it is the absence of one, there is no belief system, no uniform anything, besides the whole no god or gods thing.

But it's a religious affiliation (it was on the two surveys I did my senior year - not many atheists, of course), so it goes with the religious clubs.

I think it just shows ignorance of what atheism is.

Big surprise.

But hey, it's here! And I'll be there.

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