Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Cut Coupons to cut Costs"

So sez a Mister Sean Bixler of New York, New York.

He won one hundred dollars for his profound, perfect money saving idea.

I don't think it's that good, frankly. No, I did not submit a tip of my own, I only found this site through a blurb on yahoo's front page - I was bored and I like stories about spending and saving money at times.

I think he won because he's a guy, and guys don't cook, guys don't clip coupons, they just make the money and dole out a few bucks a month to the little wifey-poo because she can't make good money on her own. (That's what bugged me the most about The Jetsons - in the opening sequence, George Jetson is dropping his family off at school and the store (the wifey). He holds out one bill, and takes the money still in the wallet. This applies to many futuristic books, movies, comics, and TV shows from almost every time, but it's most glaring in ones from the '50s and '60s. Technology changes, with no social changes. Pisses me off, but makes me happy to live now.)

My problem with his tip and interview is the fact that he doesn't mention store brand food - he says you can save up to $20 every time you go shopping! Wow! He also says, in his tip, that "you may have to buy different brands each time you shop". Oh, the humanity! And it takes time to compare your list with the store flier and your coupons... make it stop!

We cut coupons from time to time - I have done it the most over the summer - it's a good way to eat up a summer Sunday, especially if there's baseball on.

But we don't usually use most of the food ones - except for candy and some desserts or things that don't have a store brand counterpart.

But most of the staples are available as store brands. I've never seen a coupon for a Great Value loaf of bread. And it is my belief that most brand name items with the coupon's discount cost at or even above their store brand counterpart. Which is why it sucks to cut coupons in this house.

I guess, if you shop at expensive stores and have never bought store brands, then you would save money on brand name items with coupons if you can't bring yourself to touch a store brand with a ten foot pole.

But I still love cutting coupons! Very soothing.

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