Saturday, August 18, 2007

I blame my sister!

She's watching High School Musical on Disney Channel and there are these commercials and this one had this video from High School Musical 2 and it has baseball players - real ones! Saying the title of the song!

I couldn't resist.

But this movie still sucks sucks sucks. Most high school movies are nothing like the high school I remember. I talked to cheerleaders, slackers, sports people, ROTC robots (love you Kara!), and everybody. I was nice to everybody.

I wasn't popular in the way that everybody knew my name, I never got mentioned in the yearbook, but I felt popular in that people knew me by sight and felt comfortable talking to me.

Very boring movie that would be, I wouldn't see it.

Here's the evil video. What's worse - I like the song as well as the video - I love baseball too much.

I still hate the movie.

I agree with this reviewer - at least about this song. I know it says New York Times, but anyone can look at it without paying.

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