Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wickett and Mikey's Puppet

Mikey took it back soon after, because he was done eating and nobody was playing with him.

Wickett just ran and grabbed that puppet. He is ready to play.

Mikey's ready to kill to get the puppet and to keep the puppet. Or whatever he wants. Such a snot.

Mikey just tried to take it, and they'd been very angry, growling and growling, and when Mikey tried to take the puppet from Wickett, Mikey ended up growling louder and angrier, and pinning Wickett! He is such a mean little brat. I think he spent time in a house before he came to us where he wasn't the only dog, perhaps he was also the smallest, or hey, even little kids can take dog toys, so that's why he's so crazy about them. He gets the toy of the moment (his rope, puppet, or octopus) or whatever anybody else has (including humans) and he wants to play, but he won't. if it's something purloined, he won't even move, he'll just sit next to the person/dog he stole it from or wants attention from and growl and rip it apart. If it's his toy, however, he'll hit us with it until we make a grab for it. Then he gets angry and darts away and comes back. That's how he plays with toys. That's how he shares.

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