Saturday, August 11, 2007

My biggest, best birthday present.

A laptop!

I got it Wednesday and tried it out Thursday.

Wednesday, I had to go out with Mom and Beck. We were going to craft stores to look for dorm stuff.

We went to the strip mall that contains Circuit City and a craft store.

Becky begged me to go into Circuit City with her, or she wouldn't stop singing.

Mom went into the craft store.

When we got in, Becky told me that we were there to look at laptops, because she and mom were going to go 50/50 on one for a Christmas present, and they wanted me to pick one out.

We looked at them, they looked like laptops, and then we got a salesman to help us, since we're really no good with computers.

He was a good salesman - he didn't tell me I'd fail all my classes if I didn't get the most expensive one there.

We picked a six hundred dollar one, and this is when the surprise kicked in.

I naturally almost ruined it.

Becky told me to go tell Mom we found the computer. I interpreted that as bring Mom over here.

No, I wasn't supposed to.

Then Mom and I went over to Office Depot (or Max) to look for a smaller computer desk, and other school things. Mom told me Becky was in Circuit City, driving everyone crazy by looking for CDs nobody else had ever heard of. That is very plausible and happens a lot. Last time I had a big surprise, it was a post-graduation party. They weren't ready after graduation ended, so Mom and I went to my favorite antique store and I got many, many MAD magazines. (They no longer have so many MADs, probably because of me.) Why? Mom was pissed at Becky because she didn't know where Covington Pike was and since she was the navigator for 2 cars of out-of-town family, they got very lost. Again, plausible.

Back to this week.

So we drove to the office store. (It is so damn hot - triple digits all week, no end in sight.)

Mom didn't lock the door, because Becky was going to put the laptop in my seat and join us in the store.

I locked the door.

So she had to beg for the keys. She put the box in a cart in the store and yelled across the store.

I suspected I may get a laptop, but I didn't know Becky would pay for the whole thing!

Got to love her.

Thank you, Becky!

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