Friday, August 17, 2007

Elvis fans are bizarrely stupid.

No, not because some believe he's not dead (I swear I saw him on channel 48!), or because I don't like gospel music (I've never really listened.), or I'm ashamed of all people who make it big and make a presence in the area afterwards (Justin Timberlake does a couple of concerts here - whatever.).

No, what I can't fathom is Elvis Week.

I get memorials, I get a pilgrimage, a gathering.

What I don't get is why.

Not why they do it, but why they do it now.

In August.

In Memphis.

Especially this year!

He was born in January, less people die from the cold here than the heat!

And when I was about to say this to my mom, she told me that an Elvis fan had died from the heat. I'm so sorry for her and everyone who's been touched by the heat (not your yard), but come on!

Why come to Memphis in August? It doesn't make sense to Memphians.

Especially compared to the media coverage of his birthday - not much. The King would be blah blah.

That's when this thought usually occurs to me.

I don't like the cult of Elvis, period.

I love some of his songs, I may even buy a few CDs, but I won't go to Graceland. Maybe it's because I live here? I don't know.

Again, my deepest sympathies to anyone who's been hurt by the heat.

Something else Elvis related - there's not a station in town that plays his music on a regular, day-to-day basis.

There is one station that plays oldies going as far back as the early 60s, but it's out of Mississippi, and it's hard to get, even in Memphis! Sad, that there is no station that plays music from Elvis or when he was a big star. (My music list may not entirely show my love for music older than myself.)

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