Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I saw the Simpsons movie.

It was awesome!

And the theater was pretty good - we went on a weeknight, before the matinée prices stop.

It's always emptier at that time, which is great.

The popcorn was terrible.

Back to the movie - amazing! It deserves all the accolades it is getting.

I can think of 3 instances in the movie that deserved the PG-13 rather than "irreverent humor throughout". They were things that you can't do on network TV, and I'm not telling you what.

It was far too short.

And just really funny, and even some of the recent episodes (I realize it is August and there have been no episodes since May) that I've seen are still pretty good.

I can't help it - I love the Simpsons. And when I like something, I don't have much to say about it!

I don't quite like their Burger King deal, only because I don't quite like Burger King. Their food is gross, and I've never eaten good food there. There's one commercial starring Krusty, and his Krusty Burger is more in line with what I've eaten at Burger King, if a bit tastier looking.

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