Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saturday's They'll Do It Every Time

I definitely identify with the person doing it every time, since I do it every time.

So do a lot of people, to my understanding. I realize Dean Booth is not a normal crank, though he's not normal, he's a Comics Curmudgeon regular!

But his thermostats must be set at a different place than his wife's - he's comfortable in the summer in a sweater vest with the house at 72 degrees.

Some people may not believe this, but the temperature outside the house definitely affects how you feel inside the house and what you want the temperature in the house to be.

I wish we could set it to 68 in the summer, but we're not rich enough. 72 will have to do, unless it cools off outside, and the house then feels cold and the temperature should be bumped up. (Mom and Beck last week in the morning, they wanted it at 72, fans flying when they came home at 2pm! They'll Do It Every Time!)

Actually, I don't normally do that in the winter - I'm a fan of extra blankets and shirts. My motto is "It's easy to warm up, it's damn hard to cool down, so here's a blanket." I believe that being overheated trumps being cold - I can drink ice cold water and chew on ice cubes and still not be as cooled off as I'd like. All you need when you're cold is a blanket or two or three. In the summer, at night, even if I don't need it, I throw the blankets on and turn on my bedside fan. So nice.

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