Sunday, November 11, 2007

The BEST Veteran's Day Comic

Arlo & Janis

Anyone with family in more than one branch will understand.

My paternal grandfather was in the Marines, and my parents were in the Navy. Every time we went to Grandpa's, the rivalry was insane! Even the second-to-last visit.


I miss him.

I still think that Daniel shouldn't have joined the military...


CaPrincess said...

I don't get it, your cousin doesn't have to join the military...Did the chimp in chief slip the draft in when I wasn't looking?

Kaitlyn said...

No, he wanted to join. or his dad wanted him to join, and Daniel thought he wanted.

Either way, it SUCKS.

Daniel got kicked out of school and then kicked out of Job Corps.

So this is the logical choice...

in my military family.

Uncle Danny could've left the military this summer and avoid the possibility of going back to Iraq (20 years are up!), but didn't.

A lot of people in my family joined the military because they didn't know what else to do.

He's only SEVENTEEN!

CaPrincess said...

What branch of the military lets a 17 year old without a diploma in?