Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I saw this in the school paper today.

They had a shot of Obama on the Daily Show accompanying it. (BTW - I saw a bit of last night's rerun - still hilarious.)

"Clinton Mocks Obama on Experience"

I'm sure she has a point about his experience in the Senate, compared to hers, blah blah blah.

But what made me say, "Bullshit! I must write about this! The masses must know my opinion!" was what she was mocking.

His childhood overseas.

He was there at the age of 10, so he has me beat by 4 years. *humph*

I think he is right - a childhood, part of childhood, spent overseas does give you a different view of the world than your classmates who've never left Tennessee.

This is based on my experience. Even though I left Iceland at 6 and a half, I'd already gone to school there.

And that makes me look at the world differently, I can't pinpoint how - exposure to other cultures in their land - I'm the visitor? It makes you more open-minded, the earlier the better.

So it is a good thing for Obama, in my opinion.

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