Wednesday, December 05, 2007

UNHP 1101

"University Honors Program" - I think that's what the letters mean. UNHP 1101 and UNHP 1102 are required for every Honors student here before you start your 5th semester. (I think.)

I took UNHP 1101 this semester and loved it. Everyone else I talked to hated it. Except those in my section (we had a big lecture on Tuesday and then broke up into sections on Thursday). Whatever.

Our last reading assignment was The Pickup by Nadine Gordimer. I read most of it Friday night. It was very hard to get into. I liked the bits about nature - the starkness of the desert, the lush decadence of the rice fields - but if I never read it again, that would be fine.

I'm going to reveal the ending - or part of it.

I know that's mean to all of you waiting on pins on needles to see if Ibrahim gets to leave.

Anyways, Ibrahim gets to go to America. Now in our last UNHP class yesterday, the professors asked us what we thought he'd do - would he live in a Muslim enclave and never get above lower-middle class, would he be a huge success - what?

This guy sitting next to me leaned over and said that he'd probably fly a plane into the towers.

Clearly, he got nothing out of this course. I was accused of being close-minded in English, but sheesh.

A little common sense would show how stupid a thought that is - or a comprehensive reading of the book.

Ibrahim went to informal meetings with other men his age in his own country, and they griped about their government, their country. No anti-American rhetoric there.

Plus, there's why Ibrahim wanted to leave his home country - he wanted to be successful, he wanted to be rich, why would he want to hurt the country he wants to call home?

Jackass. I should have said all this to the guy in class, but I just ignored him.


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