Monday, December 17, 2007

Funny USA promo from 2006

I love love love love the shows Monk and Psych. I adore them. Psych reruns are on at midnight Sunday nights, and I try to watch them at that time.

I would make a lousy critic, because I can only pinpoint elements that I dislike - when I like a show (or book or movie or whatever), I just do. I can't explain it.

They're both hilarious?

And they are way too short - I can't wait to get all the DVDs for Monk and the one season on DVD for Psych. When I got my Arrested Development DVDs, I would watch them for as long as possible - they told a story over 3 seasons and 53 episodes, so the end of the episode is not the end of the story. Plus the show is bust-a-gut funny.

I just started watching Monk and Psych this summer. It was by accident - Mom wanted to be up when Becky came home from her job, and since it was summer and the weekend, well, it could take some time, and Mom likes to sleep. So I would stay up with her. Well, one Friday night, we watched Law and Order SVU on USA, Mom fell asleep, and I kept it on USA. I fell in love with the shows and I haven't looked back. I discovered the joy of the X-files one summer weekend as well.

Anyways - new episodes start Friday, January 11th! Can't wait!

Why did I finally talk about my two new favorite shows?

Well, I found this commercial on youtube, and I knew I had to have it on my blog. A link? Nah, embed that sucker.

So here it is:

And I don't watch the Dead Zone - I think I've tried, but it seems too serious. Plus, Christopher Walken is Johnny Smith. End of story!

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Anonymous said...

Very amusing promo. Thanks. :)