Friday, May 02, 2008

I am glad I don't live in Mississippi.


There's an election coming up. Between Greg Davis, the Republican, and Travis Childers, the Democrat. Both are middle-aged white guys. Childers has the heavier southern accent.

I don't watch that much network TV, but the bits I do watch are often filled with their commercial fight.

I've seen the ads on Jeopardy while away, far far away in my dorm room. I came home Wednesday, but we were too late for Jeopardy. It happens.

Yesterday, we watched Jeopardy and an hour of Judge Judy. I had no idea how much I missed my mom's "judge shows"!

So many political ads.

There are 2 ads that drive me up the wall. They're done by the National Republican something.

The second one's not an ad, it's a news story about the ad.

Why is Childers responsible for what Barack Obama does? And what does it matter if conservatives can't trust him? He's the Democrat, they wouldn't vote for him anyway!

There are other pro-Davis/anti-Childers ads out there that do not attempt to smear him by saying, "If you elect Childers, women and black men will be in power. LIBERALS! He's a liberal!"

Anyways, the ads say things like he didn't pay his taxes or he doesn't care about the elderly.

Boring, right?

Well, there are ads like that on Childers' side as well, naturally. "Greg Davis did X, Y, Z. He won't be any good in Congress. I'll be better than him! Vote for me!"

Sadly, there have been no ads tying Davis to anyone but himself.

This is the latest Travis Childers ad (to me, anyway, I first saw it yesterday):

He doesn't say what party he is in. And watching that commercial, and only that commercial, would make you think he was the Republican. He's pro-life and pro-gun. He let me down, man, I wish he was as liberal as Barack Obama. The attack ads on Democrats always make me like them more - they're painted as liberals who support gay rights and abortions for all.

Then the response ad comes out and they deny it all. "I'm conservative in everything but name! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE vote for me!"

It bothers me a whole lot. There is a perfect, one word smear for Democrats, at least here: "liberal". There is nothing similar for Republicans. Every Congressional election feels like it's between two Republicans, going by the commercials.

Does the opposite happen in "blue" states? Do Republicans fall all over themselves to swear they're liberal? I doubt it.

I'm out of things to say, so I'll leave with this infamous Republican attack ad:

You do too have too many guns!

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