Friday, May 16, 2008

Wickett and His Legs

Right after I took this picture, the yapping began.

I'm glad that I can see what he's doing with his legs.

If the picture was bad, there would be much head exploding and bitchiness. I already snapped at my mom for referring to the issue as "cyber" something, when the internet wasn't involved in any way. Though it's involved now.

We got a new digital camera probably long enough ago that it is no longer new. But it is to me.

I took that picture, and I was like, man, I want that on my computer and blog.

I plugged the camera in and all hell broke loose.

First, there was a box saying there may be errors, do you want to scan this device? I said no.

I had no idea what option to choose to upload the picture, since I didn't want all the pictures to upload. So I chose the view option. They opened up in Windows Media Player, and the first one was text that said this file couldn't be shown. But clicking on the arrows led me to pictures that could. Month old pictures.

So I decided to go back, hoping to find mine as it was the last.

But no.

A month old video.

It started, I tried to hit stop, and it started skipping and making a horrible noise. I manually shut the computer down.

When I turned it back on, everything was default - all documents gone! I called tech support, and no, they weren't gone. Not that it mattered, all my school papers are saved online, and most of my pictures are at photobucket.

The worst part? The only reason I called tech support?

Firefox was back to the default! All my favorites were gone! At first, that's not a bad thing - every interesting website or video is on this blog. But I had a different favorites folder filled with random blog posts and websites I wanted to check out when I had time - like now, since school is over.

So I have no idea why it happened, or why my name, password, and userpic (for the computer) were saved.

But I'm never using that camera with my computer again - I'll just upload everything to photobucket!

The camera had more than 200 files on it. TWO HUNDRED PLUS. And some were music? The hell?

So that's it. The story of the picture.

ETA: Well, it's almost 1:30 on Saturday morning. I wanted to look something up I just saw in a book. Everything is back to default - the little clock and picture and news ticker thing that goes on the right hand side... ::sigh::

The worst part of the default setting? The default background.

It keeps telling me I can't save any of this, because I'm on a temporary account, though I logged in to my account. I'm going to blame Windows Vista. It hasn't been bad at all - the only thing annoying is the pop up asking me if I want to run a program... five seconds after clicking. But it never asked me if I wanted to delete the recycling bin, which I totally didn't want to do! (I did it twice.)

Oh well.

I'll call tech support again later today.

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