Sunday, February 08, 2009

Today's Mark Trail cannot be a coincidence.

The Mark Trails on Sundays are dedicated to information about a particular animal.

Normally I do not read it, unless it's posted on the Comics Curmudgeon and Josh says something funny about it. (I wonder, were cult leaders comedians? I read what he tells me to read, though I have yet to buy any CC merchandise. Yet.)

Anyways, I was going through the Washington Post's comics collection and something made me decide to click on Mark Trail. I don't know why, I never have before.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Well, what happened on Thursday the fifth?

Stephen Colbert had yet another child in the animal kingdom. The man is giving Zeus a run for his money!

I just thought it was too awesome a coincidence to pass up, and a quick search of the most recent comment page showed no mention of Colbert, so here's mine. Not much, just a juxtaposition of the two.

This Mark Trail is actually quite odd, since Mark isn't there. I guess he couldn't afford to go down to their habitat even though it's summer now! Perhaps his job wouldn't foot the bill. He writes animal stories - animal stories that matter. Like, he stopped the draining of some wetlands. And some punching did as well. His absence is really weird. Stephen would assume the seals ate him.

And since there's no dialogue, there's no talking potatoes or anything else weird, which is quite sad. They have had gossiping moose and squirrels, though never a moose and a squirrel together chitchatting.

I hope for more updates about Stelephant Colbert on the show, hopefully where he picks on the others, especially Jon Sealwart, "a smaller male."

Maybe he and the eagle will team up to fight crime. Stephen Jr. will patrol the skies and Stelephant, well, the beaches. Does he still have that sea turtle named after him?

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