Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I hate loud noises.

Well, I like my loud music. If I know I'm not bothering anybody.

But sometimes my suitemates... (we share a bathroom, so when they yell, we hear it), they don't seem to care.

This Married to the Sea comic seems to sum up their attitude on every day but Friday. (I think they leave campus on Friday.)

Married To The Sea

It's not just them, there's just so many people shouting and screaming this week. Yes, spring break is next week, but this week isn't over yet, why won't you shut the fuck up?

It really doesn't help that I've felt rotten all week. Tuesday was my shittiest day in a long, long, long time. I had to leave French class. We were doing review work and the pain got so bad I got up, asked for the other review sheets, and told the professor I felt so bad I couldn't think. I really couldn't. It was scary.


VioletRage said...

[random appearance]

Heh, yeah my "neighbors" do the same thing. Except replace "yell" with "hump". Annoying just doesn't describe it, specially when it starts at 3AM. Argh!

Plus, the walls are extremely thin, so the sound is crystal clear. Damn it. I want to shoot them in the face.

[/random appearance]

Kaitlyn said...

And my roommate is always on the phone.

Since it's a dorm, we're literally roomies - sharing one room, not even a paper thin wall separating us - I get to hear her on the phone all damn day, bitching about this and that.

Sometimes my headphones don't even block it out.

VioletRage said...

I stay in a hostel type thing. 20 rooms, and three floors.

The worst part is, I can't annoy them back, because I blew my speakers after playing it too loud. They still have their music system intact. Yargh!