Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A song entirely in English

The Hollies - On a Carousel

I watched East is East on Netflix Instant thingie last night.

The movie is good, though I can't believe it was marketed as a comedy! It did have plenty of comic and touching moments, but it was much more of a family drama than a comedy. On the Netflix scale, I gave it three stars because I'll never watch it again. The ending was happy, but too much back to the same old thing.

Anyways, a bit about Netflix Instant. They don't have a copy of East is East and the distributor removed it from the Instant thing today, so I had to watch it yesterday.

On Monday, I watched Jodhaa-Akbar Instantly on my laptop. It's a long movie by a Bollywood standards - 3 and a half hours. It's quite beautiful. I gave it 4 stars, loved the romance.

However, it was hard to watch because I abuse the pause button when I watch movies on my laptop, especially when I'm not physically just so. The oh so comfy recliner, it turns out, is not suited for passively watching something on your lap. TV watching, surfing the net, reading, sleeping (oh yes, sleeping), those are all fine.

So yesterday, to save myself the trouble (not to mention $99!), I bought a VGA cable and an audio cable thing. I can now connect my laptop to the TV at home. And the sound works. (We got the wrong sound cord at first, when we got the right one I hopped around the living around shouting yes over and over again.)

So I watched East is East (an hour and a half) on the TV. Unfortunately, my dorm TV is analogue, and you need a converter for that that costs about as much as Netflix Instant device! I need a new TV anyway, one with a remote. One where the volume will go down when I hit volume down and not the channel.

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