Thursday, February 08, 2007

Conversations with God For Teens

I bought this book at Goodwill for my sister yesterday, along with Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen and a Fear Street book. All 99 cents, damn!

I went in to see if they had Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, because that's what Becky has to read now, and since the Memphis library branch system has splintered, she only has two libraries to use now - the school's and the town's. And you can bet they're just stocked with enough copies of JC for all the kids in the class.

We went to Goodwill Tuesday as well, and I saw a bunch of Shakespeare books there, so I assumed JC would be there as well. It wasn't.

So I got this book for her instead, because she's back into the church thing again, I thought she'd like it.

I think she does, but she's not big on most books, but it is about God.

Anyway, I was flipping through it just now, and a bit at the beginning (not Alanis's trippy foreword) that made no sense.

Page 4 starts with this sentence: "You called this book to you because..."

That's when I went "Huh?" and stopped reading.

She didn't "call this book" to her.

Goodwill didn't have a copy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, so her nice sister bought her a books about God because she thought she'd like it!

And I'm an agnostic, I could care less about religion, so the book wasn't calling to me because I wanted to talk to God.


Anonymous said...

Forward by Alanis Morisette? I didn't know she was religious. She's from Ottawa. Religious people don't come from Ottawa.

Kaitlyn said...

I loved her in Dogma, that's all I know.

Becky doesn't like the book, she says it doesn't fit her faith.

I'm glad she knows what her faith is, and I'm glad she at least gave it a try - she made it farther than I did.

It's going to the Crisis Center, along with another issue of Highlights and Nature Girl.