Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

29-17, Colts.

And it only took four hours. That's pretty fast for a football game.

Prince! Prince! Prince!

He was singing there, and he did Purple Rain... in the rain... How awesome.

I have loved the musical choices for the half time shows since 2004. Paul McCartney in '05, the Stones in '06, and Prince this year.

They've gone with more 'conservative' artists since the nipslip, but jeez, Prince is to blame for parental warning labels! (Knew a girl named Nikki I guess you could say she was a sex fiend) And he's safer than Janet Jackson now. Who knew?

He looks just as good as he did in the '80s, but all I have to go on is videos and movies and pictures. He may be completely nuts, but what talent. That guitar screams, you know it's him. He started with "Let's Go Crazy", then "Baby I'm A Star", "All Along The Watchtower", and ended with Purple Rain.

That was all I cared about.

After the commercial break, he was, like, gone. Huh? Where'd he go? There's no skinny black guy on the field, football sucks.

I watched part of Puppy Bowl III today, if Prince wasn't doing the halftime in the human game, I'd have watched all of it. (The halftime show at the Puppy Bowl was kitties playing.)

Our dogs got so jealous! During the human game, Mikey and Dixie staged their own Puppy Bowl - he attacked her ears, and she slapped him around. He thought he won because she walked off, but then she came flying back in and flipped him over. She always wins, she's Dixie.

The commercials sucked this year. The only one I liked was a Budweiser one where a white mutt is watching a parade, and the dalmatian on the fire truck is like, "Ha ha, I'm better than you." Then the poor mutt gets hit by a puddle, and he's all muddy. So he walks away from the parade, and sees his reflection. He looks like a dalmatian! Now he's in the parade.

(I'm a sucker for puppies.)

Onto another issue with this year's super bowl - the first time two black coaches were in the Super Bowl. My sister doesn't understand why it's big deal, saying, "They don't talk about the first two red headed coaches."

First of all, that will never happen, as most of those coaches are old men who have no hair unless it's white or gray. Ha!

Mom wouldn't let me tell her that the ratio of black players to black coaches is so disproportionate, not to mention the ratio of players to owners. It was unheard of to have a black coach, and look, the biggest game of the year, 4 days into Black History Month, has two black coaches squaring off. How cool is that?

It's the same with the black caucus in Congress or women's groups. "Why isn't there a white caucus?" "Why can't men have a group like that?"

Because, dammit, white men have controlled western society for hundreds of years. We've made a lot of steps towards equality, but we're not there yet.

And like they said on the Daily Show or the Colbert Report (forgot, sorry). They do have a white caucus - it's called Congress.

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