Thursday, May 17, 2007

Crossing Jordan is over.

That sucks.

That show was awesome.

I told Becky they'd all die, what a finale.

"No they won't, helicopters will come!"

They did, which showed me that the show's makers knew just in time to add the rescue to the finale.

If it had been a mere season finale, they'd still be in the White Mountains with Garrett dying and Woody and Jordan kissing. Finally!

Becky couldn't believe it was ending.

"Nobody watches it."

"I watch it!"

But we're not a Neilsen family, our viewing isn't being monitored, at least not to my knowledge.

So one of the best shows ended.

I've seen 2 great shows end, shows that I loved and adored.

One was the X-files. It ended because they wanted to end it, so they had an elegant finale, they were in control.

The Simpsons, even if it is getting worse, will always have control when it comes to ending. It's a rating powerhouse and insanely popular. Matt Groening will choose the ending.

The other show I watched end is Arrested Development. I have all 3 seasons on DVD. I have trouble stopping once I start.

I adore this show.

They didn't want to end, but they had enough warning to craft a beautiful, hilarious finale.

Crossing Jordan still airs on A&E, and the X-files still airs on TNT and Sci-fi, so all is not lost.

One more thing - the music on Crossing Jordan rules.

I hope to get the soundtrack, even if I don't get the DVDs.

I think the reason it got less popular - it makes me cry. It made me cry a lot this season, it made me cry last season, and maybe people didn't want to be sad.

Oh, after the plane crashed, Nigel was so worried about Kate. They love each other. Woody and Jordan, Bug and Lilly, Kate and Nigel.

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