Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dixie and her Ice Cube

Cute story.

Tuesday night, the dogs were really hot because they'd been out for a few hours and it was muggy and miserable.

And, as you can see, Dixie still has her winter coat. Mom says it doesn't make her hot and my medications and doctor appointments mean we can't groom her yet.

Anyways, I got out three ice cubes and handed them out. Wickett ran under the computer and munched away merrily.

Mikey sat on the rag rug and growled at his if someone came near.

But Dixie! She was sprawled out on the floor since it's cooler, and she licked the ice cube, trying to get it towards her, and it kept moving away the more she licked!

Well, she wasn't about to stand up, so she lunged forward and grabbed the cube, turned 90 degrees so she was on the rug.

She got her ice cube then.

And later Mikey's, but I had to help, because her tongue and paws chased it under the chair and I had to pick it up and throw it onto the carpet.

Tonight, I gave her another one and she left it on the kitchen floor. I grabbed it, tossed it on the carpet, and she crunched away.

Wickett cleaned up the crumbs.

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SarnDuro said...

I miss dogs.

I miss the old blogger page even more. Every time I try to leave a comment here it takes me twenty minutes to recover my "new" account name.

Naturally it's your fault.