Friday, June 29, 2007

I finally know why I don't like Fred Thompson!

As I said before, I just don't like to listen or look at the man on Law and Order. (Balanced out by Jerry Orbach, of course.)

Today, after catching the end of the first Pirates movie on USA, I just decided to flip through the channels and caught a rerun of the Dukes of Hazzard on CMT. Judging from the opening credits, Daisy Duke was pretty cool - she kicked this guy over and seemed (in the 20 minutes I saw) very independent and kick-ass for a Southern woman on TV.

Back to the point, I've seen the opening credits a couple times, but today, it just hit me.

Fred Thompson looks like Sorrell Booke, who played Boss Hogg.

They even sound similar - southern, "folksy", old white guy accent.

My mom used to watch the Dukes all the time in the early 80s, and since Fred Thompson's joined Law and Order, she's had the same visceral dislike I do.

See for yourself. And consider how Stephen Colbert described him, paraphrasing, the "basset hound/grouper look".

It's the grouper part that gets me.





But I really can't stand seeing or listening to him. Boss Hogg was better, much more of a cartoonish bad guy. Arthur Branch is not stupid or corrupt, but the actor irritates me. Same with Winona Ryder. Nothing I can explain, but it stopped me from watching Girl, Interrupted on DVD last summer when I had a chance, which also bugs me, because I love the book.

Maturity is optional, especially online.

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