Friday, June 22, 2007

Today's "They'll Do It Every Time" is a bit... odder than usual.

Talk about bad timing!

The first day of summer was yesterday, and I'm soaked in sweat at 2:30 in the morning. Of course, I'm almost always overheated, but still. It's hot in most of the northern hemisphere, has been for too long, and will be for too long.

But this!

First TDIET to actually make me laugh.

Now, this isn't a foreign concept. I had an idea for a political cartoon in 2004 (I heard rumors other US History classes had to draw one, but we never did.) It would just be an old white guy in a monster SUV saying we need to cut our foreign oil dependency. (Without drilling in Alaska, dammit!)

Of course, Ragweed (warm weather allergen, clever Al) could be logical - he wants to save money on the electric bill for the house, which may or may not have cost more than the car and the monthly payment on the house is definitely less than insurance, a month's worth of gas, and car payments - he wants to cut costs at his house to have money to fill up the car to get the hell away from the house without breaking a sweat or taking public transportation.

That's all good and fine and hypocritical as hell, which is the point.

2 things, though. This was sent in by someone in Philadelphia. As a large city, one would assume the City of Brotherly Love would have decent public transportation or, at the very least, a number of things within walking distance.

The thing that inspired me to say something?

He's keeping the house cold to save money!

Al, I don't care when it was sent in, it's being printed the day after the first day of summer! Now, I've never been to Philly, but I assume you don't need a heater in June.

This could have easily been topical by saying Ragweed keeps the AC set high to save money.

But it wasn't!

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