Sunday, July 06, 2008

Thanks a lot, internet!

I've been away from the internet since the 19th. That wasn't the plan. The plan was I would use someone's wireless internet, only it never worked. Oh, I got on the laptop a few times to look things up and make sure my e-mail wasn't completely out of control, but still.

And today, I got around to checking out Francesco Explains It All. (He does the writing for Sally Forth.) I haven't read all the posts yet, but this one made me do something I will regret for a long time: I looked up my name in the Urban Dictionary. Two of the entries were flattering and practically identical, but the other two were creepy.

Not to mention they don't make sense - how can I be hot two times over, but also be a vaginal sore and red colored jello induced flatulence.

Now I'm going to look up my sister's name.

She's a hot chick, but she's also a man who pretends to be a girl to hook up with lesbians. Online, of course. In addition to sounding like a chipmunk and looking like a transvestite. Someone got dumped by a Rebecca.

God, the urban dictionary is weird.

My poor mom is slang for penis.

I looked up our last name, but I kind of already knew what to expect.

And last but not least, my blog's name. Nothing creepy about it. A good time to stop doing this.

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