Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No matter how low my mood gets,

I can still find a way to laugh.

Or drool:

His abs are almost painful to look at. Can you believe the man is 42? And married? And has been since '91? Damn the luck.

You think my science prof would accept a "SRK IS HOT" for all my answers tomorrow? Or perhaps a "why is the rum gone?"

I never hated science until college. So this semester it's a friggin HONORS class. Stupid, right, if I hate it? I figured the class would be smaller and I'd get more one-on-one time with the teacher if I needed it. Well, that's kinda true. The professor is so much nicer and easier to approach than the one I had this spring! But the Honors course? A section of the class. 15-16 of us, I forget. Our big Honors assignment, what makes this Honors? A 5 page paper due in November. It needs to be you know, decent, but the main thing is writing it. At least I get to write about Iceland, which is always good.

Other classes? I love English. We've got a journal assignment due every day (we meet 3 times a week) and so far I'm doing great, I got a smiley face and a lol on my last one. When my brain feels bashed and tossed around by igneous rocks, I can just pull those out and feel better.

Or watch this:

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