Friday, October 16, 2009

The Franken Senate Defense Appropriations Amendment

You are a disgusting, vile piece of humanity. I am ashamed that I did not get to vote against you in 2006.

You voted against Sen. Al Franken's amendment which would protect RAPE VICTIMS. Surely, rape is an issue both parties agree is bad?

But no.

Franken is a Democrat. This interferes with business.

You disgust me.

I just sent this to Bob Corker and Lamarr Alexander, who are 2 of the 30 Republican men who voted against the amendment.

I am so glad it passed, but damn, what is wrong with people?

Corker wanted my phone number, but Alexander didn't. I'll probably get a form letter in reply. I have before.


Anonymous said...

So did you get your form letter?

Kaitlyn said...

Not yet, we have to be patient. They're very busy, you know.

Leaper said...

I sent similar but slightly more polite (yay you-must-always-be-nice socialization) letter to both my senators (Arizona, another state with two republicans who both voted against it) and I haven't gotten any response from either. My (democratic) representative sends confirmation of receipt immediately and an actual (usually form, but still) response within a week. Ah, the difference....