Friday, March 19, 2010

The Daily Helmsman pissed me off today.

I can't find the article on their website.

The article is basically fine - trying to start a "safe space" for GLBTQ students on campus.

Apparently, when students "expressed discomfort in class at the discrimination, they were sent to psychological services."

That is a terrible thing - homosexuality was removed from the DSM, remember? It's bad thing because queer kids aren't getting what they need, not because psych services are necessarily bad.

But the following quote was the one above the fold in big bold letters, so that's what I saw when I grabbed the paper.

"Going to the psychology building to say you're gay is like going to say you're crazy."

I'm e-mailing the paper and thinking of looking up the quoted student (a freshman, so she doesn't know any better) but damn, Talk about an insult. (I won't contact her.)

Here's the letter I'm sending:

The article in Friday's paper was hurtful and offensive. It is wrong to send GLBTQ students to psychological services, not because needing psychological services is something to be ashamed of, but because it is outdated thinking on the part of the school, and does not help our GLBTQ students at all.

However, I grabbed the paper today and staring me in the face was the pull quote.

"Going to the psychology building to say you're gay is like going to say you're crazy."

I go the psychology building. I get therapy there. There is nothing wrong with being crazy. The ablist tones in the article were disgusting.

There is no safe space or student group for students who are neuroatypical, who suffer from depression.

I support gay rights in any way I can, but I can't be quiet when I'm insulted. I am crazy, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Oh - their website - The Daily Helmsman

ETA - article is finally up - Students seek LGBT safe zone

And I got an e-mail response to my letter. My concerns are "invalid" and they didn't mean to insult people with mental health problems, so it won't be published.


codeman38 said...

"...they didn't mean to insult people with mental health problems..."

OK, sure, they didn't mean to. But at least they could consider the possibility that they might have done so anyway?! -_-;;

Seriously, people, it's not that hard. If you insult someone, even inadvertently, you've still managed to insult someone. Intent is irrelevant.

JoSelle said...

Here from (*waves to Codeman38*). I also love how saying "but I didn't MEAN to!" somehow excuses everything. The editors bought into ableism whether or not they meant to, and they should check their damn privilege and listen to you. :( My sympathies for having to deal with that.

(Also, thanks for your link to the Afghanis-Tan manga! I've been wanting to read that for ages!)

Kaitlyn said...

Hey JoSelle! I'm glad that long long list of links amused somebody!

Thanks guys for commenting. Makes me feel all special and junk. :P

rmworx said...

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