Sunday, November 02, 2008

I really should go to sleep...

This is so cute and silly.

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Here's a bit of sleepy thinking - right before starting this, I looked down to see how late old party college girl was staying up and the computer clock said it was 1:01.


I distinctly remember seeing 1:30 something on my alarm clock.

Oh! Clock change thing.

Yesterday (Friday), my friend Megan had on these half sleeves that started above the elbows and went down, and I told her they were cool. Then she stood up and put her wings on.


Oh. Halloween. I told her I'd forget and remember that it was Halloween all day.

I saw a few people in costume, but outside of candy and less than twenty minutes of The Mothman Prophecies in Anthropology, nothing else Halloween came up. Wasn't even mentioned in French, like what are some French Halloween practices? (I did, however, try to convince my professor that he should cancel class as a Halloween treat. The door was locked and class was delayed like FIVE MINUTES. Awful.)

Halloween lost its appeal when I stopped trick-or-treating. Of course, there are Halloween parties, but I'm not a party person. I'm even awkward at my own.

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