Sunday, November 16, 2008

So I'm procrastinating...

And I decide to see how my county voted.

We voted for Obama, baby! 63%!

Shelby County is one of six in Tennesse that went for Obama this year.

But what's more depressing is the numbers for my state and my county.

253,633 people in Shelby County voted for Barack Obama.

Less than 400,000 people voted. The wikipedia says our population is just under 900,000. I think we have a few more eligible voters than that.

And the state is worse!

1,093,213 voted for Barack Obama in the entire state, and 1,487,564 voted for McCain. 33,228 voted for "others". (I'm using google maps, so I don't have a decent link.)

Less than three million people voted across the state! Again, that's less than half of our population, according to wikipedia.

What the fuck?

Of course, one can only hope that Tennesseans decided to vote in a completely different manner from the rest of the country and ignored the top and voted for local office and propositions, so more people did vote.

We aren't a swing state, so we didn't get attention, so why bother voting?

Obama supporters could have said the state always goes red, so why bother? And McCain ones could have said the same thing, thinking he had it in the bag. Or they could have realized he wasn't going to win and decided not to vote.

I don't know why people don't vote, since I did. ::smug::

::not so smug::

Damn, my paper is still not done!

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