Friday, November 21, 2008

"That was grammatically correct but morally wrong."

My French teacher told me that today and it's just making me laugh. (Plus, I like his accent.)

I played phone tag with the doctor's office for two days just to get to find out it was about nothing important (to me) at least. Later on, I found out that if I tell them anything, well, they'll change my meds to try to fix it! They don't just want status reports for the hell of it!

As for the real problem, TMI city.

Dr. Dude's answer to this problem has been to increase a medication. Well, it's been increased for about two months now, and the problem isn't as bad, but it's not gone. So Tuesday, the doctor says that I should drop down to one a day.

Cue instant reaction and pain.

I thought that was what the the phone tag was all about.

On Wednesday, at 5:15pm, I got a phone call from someone at the doctor's office after they closed asking me to call my doctor's nurse the next day. I did, and asked her not to call between 10 & 11. She called at 10:30. I called her back, leaving a message asking again not to call between 1 and 2:30 and this time she listened and they were just busy, so she never got to call me. Meanwhile I'm screaming in pain.

The call finally comes and it's about something that is a mild irritant at worse and NOTHING when compared to the issues that have cropped up, issues they knew about, since I called every day.

But I got that quote out of it.

More school related thoughts, though don't ask me how I got from here to there, because it gives me a headache to recreate my own thought process.

My anthropology teacher likes Bollywood. Dude! And she gets most of her Bolly-fix through Netflix and *other* channels, and that got me thinking I have got to get off my ass and get a Netflix account - the one at a time deal, unlimited checkouts per month.

I've discovered I'm comfortable watching movies and recorded tv on my laptop, and it's just not cost effective to use the library (or buy every movie) anymore. It's only $2 a rental, sure, and if you get it on Thursday, you can stretch a 3 day rental into four, since they're not open on Sundays! Money in your pocket, baby!

The library has some awesome movies outside of the mainstream - Mississippi Masala, Salaam Bombay!, Monsoon Wedding, Bollywood/Hollywood, and a number of regular hollywood films I've been curious about.
(Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - loved it. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - loved it. Boys Don't Cry - loved it, but it's like the Virgin Suicides. I can't see it that often. I also saw Marie Antoinette this semester, but that was from my roommate's collection. Last year's roommate's collection library yielded The Devil Wears Prada, which sucks compared to the book, except when it comes to the visuals.)

One branch has the film Saawariya, which isn't quite Bollywood, as a Hollywood distribution thingie was involved. Of course, the sentence after that calls it Bollywood.

The thing is, this branch isn't close to me and I don't drive. So I have to go to that library to get that movie if I want to watch it, though I can still turn it in close by. Or I can wait until it can be shipped between libraries.

Of course, Om Shanti Om also came out in 2007, and I don't know the library doesn't have it. The fact that it is Bollywood? That its soundtrack kicks ass and its plot is gloriously convoluted?

And here's the final thoughts that led me to post again instead of ignoring this blog until a cute lolcat caught my eye.

I spent the night before my first test in science this semester listening repeatedly to the song Deewangi Deewangi from Om Shanti Om. It was so hyper it became relaxing. (And the video is part of the coolness, even though I recognize about 5 of those people.)

This technique did not help the studying; I got a C.

Would it have helped if I'd have listened to something more inspirational sounding like this (Aashaayen from 2005's Iqbal)?


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