Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Problem taken care of!

So switching from an Honors section to the regular class is hard work, but at least I'll get a higher grade than a C+. I better. For all that stress.

Anyways, it was so fast!

I called the registrar this morning to see if they remembered me, and they did, and told me to call the College of Arts and Sciences and gave me a name. I called and asked for that name and talked to that person. She didn't sound very happy and told me that it was kinda late for this thing. But I was respectful, and said that I knew, and that I had explained everything, extenuating circumstances, blah blah blah.

She said she'd call me up after the signature was on the paper and it was faxed over.

And then the worry. What if they decided not to sign it and I got a C+ in a class? Oh man, that would suck.

About an hour after I called them, she called me. While I was the phone, not jumping up and down because I didn't sleep but drifted for a couple hours, I got a phone call and message from the registrar's office telling me what this woman was telling me - I was out of the Honor's section and I could see the proof! A quick e-mail to my professor and now I shall wait for his reply.

As for my grades, I don't know when I'll see them. I did the SETEs, so I should see them early, and somebody at the Bursar's office told me I could sign a release to see them early without paying the rental prepayment, but when I got there, the answer was "huh? we never said that."

But I will know if the grade in science is over a C+ if my professor e-mails me back.

This morning, just before 5, the fire alarm went off. The second time this semester. The first time, the sun was still up, other places were open, so I went to another building.

This time I froze. After I was back in my overheated room (how do they that?), I tried to sleep, but couldn't really. I did hit on this brilliant idea. The lies you tell your children about Santa are ok (when you're found out - not before!), because they're make-believe. At the age we believe in Santa, make believe is the shiznit.

This was genius, I swear. I was like Stephen Colbert facing the camera, opening and closing his hand, saying "X(parenting award) please."

Speaking of the Colbert Report, a recent bit bugged me. I've never liked the Tek Jansen or whatever the animated thing is called, but that's not it. But there was a thing about atheist Christmas cards, and he read a mocked up atheist family letter. It bugged me, because dude, most atheists/agnostics(me) don't spend our time thinking about how we don't believe in a god or gods. We think about school or work or LIFE IN GENERAL.

And then this thing on the Daily Show REALLY pissed me off. A Planned Parenthood is offering giftcards, and naturally, they're only for abortions, because that's ALL PP does. They don't do pelvic exams, or prescribe BC, or do pap smears, or a thousand other reproductive issues that women have to deal with. Really pissed me off. A sour note.

Of course, Monday's bit on Canada's crisis was awesome, with Sam Bee as Canada, dependent on Britain (John Oliver), and India (Aasif Mandvi) telling her to rebel. It was hilarious.

And last night, Stephen had a Nixmas tree, because Nixon is totally Santa! Both have a list of who's naughty and nice and have little helpers and break into places... ohmigod, to die for funny.


Polsy said...

Gift cards...for abortions? Yeah, that's definitely something.

I've been waiting for a fire alarm since it's been wintery. Someone always manages to set it off. Not yet, though.

Ah well. Good grades are good, anyway.

Kaitlyn said...

I don't know what the gift cards are for. I imagine they're for everything PP charges for.

But the whole joke was you give somebody an abortion or a gift card for an abortion. I didn't find it funny.

But whatever.

My grades, on the other hand, due to financial aid blah blah blah! I can't see them until my financial aid comes in because they're evil so I don't see them until after Christmas. Oh well - as many a classmate said in middle school, they can't take away the presents they already gave me.

Kaitlyn said...

And can I just say that you freaked me out?

I've long since expected no replies and assumed no readers and been FINE with that.

Though throwing out questions like that music one a couple months ago was just my way of seeing what was going on. That website you found? Gone.

Kaitlyn said...

Plus, it's not like this is very scintillating, because it's so not.

Kaitlyn said...

And now Rob Riggle is leaving!!!!

:cries like a baby:

Polsy said...

Heh, sorry. I'm not one to respond much to less dramatic things, but the gift card thing threw me a bit. I keep meaning to watch the Daily Show when it gets rebroadcast in the UK, but somehow I never do.

That website's gone already? Oh dear. I guess Indian music just isn't terribly popular.

Kaitlyn said...

Less dramatic things?


I guess this isn't dramatic enough for you!

So picky.

Yeah, since the first few posts (I told family about those), every time I get a comment that is not bizarre spam, I am shocked.

Polsy said...

Aw, poor doggie. I shall just excuse myself by saying I wasn't reading back then.

Kaitlyn said...

I look at that picture and say "Where is his head?" He is far from a poor little puppy, but then again, his every wish is not fulfilled, so I guess he could be considered one.

Or he's just spoiled.

And I figured you weren't. I was almost going to excuse you, but decided to come across as bitter. and a bit insane.