Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today is Comics Day.

'Cause, so far, two comics have made me react in a pleasant way.

The second one is today's Rhymes with Orange:

I think I've said this before, but it bears repeating (that looks wrong but sounds right and according to the google, is right.), I am a sucker for an Oedipus joke.

Notice I did not say an Oedipal joke. If it featured regular characters in love with their mothers (Momma), that's not what I find funny. No, no. It has to have Oedipus himself. Or the T. Rex version. Whatevs.

That being said, this is not what I mean. (Today's One Big Happy)

Just a kid not getting it. And I guess they made the same joke as RwO - Oedipus Rex/Oedipus the T Rex and Oedipus who Wrecks things. This one is probably for the best, I don't need Oedipal anything in One Big Happy. I like that comic. I also like Sally Forth. Francesco Marciuliano needs to hear that, especially since I probably won't buy the calendar. What, I only care about 2 of the months! I'm sorry!


D.B. Echo said...

I loved the T. Oedipus Rex cartoon!

Have you heard Tom Lehrer's song Oedipus Rex?

Here's a YouTube version - though the song itself doesn't actually begin until about 1:58:

Kaitlyn said...

No, I have not.

Thanks for the link.

And the comment.