Monday, December 15, 2008

The rest of my grades are up!

It makes up for the lack of new Daily Show and unseen Good Eats.

But I'm watching a Christmas episode of Spongebob, right after a ripped-off It's A Wonderful Life iCarly plot.

The rest of my grades are up.

They're UNOFFICIAL, I must remember that, but still. I doubt they'll change.

Anthropology - A+ Yay! Expected, I had a 100 going into the final. Forgot or didn't remember that she was doing the plus/minus thing.

English - A+ Yay yay yay! I was unsure, I'm always unsure, the essays for my final sucked majorly. But A+? Yes!

Physical Geology - B+ but we knew that.

French - A! YES! I was so worried about that, I thought I'd get another B this semester. I checked my grades on a whim tonight and shouted something like "I got an A in French!" when I saw that, but it was so loud and high pitched, I don't know what I said.

History - still an A. That's one teacher who should have done the plus/minus. Or at least the plus, since I saw my grade the other week and it was a 100.

You know what this means? Unless my mom or dad wins the lottery, they're not taking away my money for another semester or so.


bats :[ said...

Good for you! Excellent grades! And nothing to worry about for the rest of the year!

Kaitlyn said...

Thanks, bats!

Too bad there isn't much year left.

Don't worry, I'll manage to work myself into a conniption next semester.

Only one Honors class, and it's my English one and so far my English teachers like me.