Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dixie and her Frisbee

This frisbee is now dead, I believe.

She treats them better than Jasmine did, Jaz would sit down and start chewing her toys up.

Dixie just loves to play, and that involves tug-of-war and the occaisonal celebratory chewing of the frisbee, but that never lasts because some human tries to take it and off we go again.

She has a couple frisbees outside right now, one is on the back porch roof, which is totally not my fault, despite the fact that I can't throw the frisbee for squat, I also can't throw it that high.

But hey, Dixie can catch my throws, they often roll to a stop in front of her feet. She has caught them in the air a couple times, but anything she does with the frisbee gets a lot of clapping and "Yay Dixie!"s.

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