Thursday, January 04, 2007

Small Potatoes

"Small Potatoes" is one of the best episodes of the X-files. One of the best, because there's always Jose Chung's From Outer Space, Bad Blood, Squeeze, Pusher, Field Trip, How The Ghosts Stole Christmas, Triangle, Post-Modern Prometheus, Home, I could go on forever.

Small Potatoes is perfect. It's one of the light, silly episodes, which is good, because I watched it at one a.m. this morning on Sci-fi. Tried that with Detour one time and scared myself silly before the opening credits. I'm a weenie, which is why I adore the X-files, and have 20 Stephen King books in the bookshelf on my headboard. And so many involve the wilderness, and who loves camping?

It's all a conspiracy, I'm sure.

What can I say about this episode that hasn't been said? Darin Morgan is great as Eddie Van Blundht (the h is silent), the man with the vestigal tail that can change into anybody he choses, usually for sexual purposes - impregnating women by masquerading as their husbands and Luke Skywalker. And Mulder, which is a trip, of course, what with the typos, twice, the upside down badge, and the questions about where he sleeps and such.

Vince Gilligan wrote it, and I love almost every episode he did.

I'm not a good critic, I judge things by whether I want them to end or not. Didn't want this one to end.

Eddie van Blundht as Mulder

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