Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mikey and his Towel

Mikey got a bath yesterday. Why? I decided it was his turn for a nice, long walk. We got him in March 2003, and when we took him camping that spring, he got tired so easily on the little trails and had to be carried back to his mommy.

That even continued to our little suburban neighborhood. I never fell for it, I just stood there and waited for him to get back up. But Mom and Beck (she's my little sis holding the moppet) will carry the baby for hours. And he loves it.

But when he's walking with me, he's so excited. He only weighs 12 pounds, but he pulls me as much as Dixie. He's also a complete chicken on the walks. My favorite incident involved a woman pushing a stroller. I was worried he'd jump on her, or bother the baby, but no, he jumped off the sidewalk as she went past, then turned around and sniffed after her - "Why didn't she pay me any attention?"

Back to the bath - I took a little shortcut across a muddy field at the end of the walk, so I wouldn't have to a) walk farther and b) walk along a narrow road with no sidewalk, where we'd end up in a soggy ditch anyway.

We got home and he was a muddy mess. I threw him outside and said, "Dog? What dog?"

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