Monday, January 22, 2007

Dixie and her Becky

Happy Birthday, Becky!

Becky is 16 today.

Technically, she won't be 16 until 11 pm, but since she was born in Naples, Italy - factor in the time zones, carry the y, add the 4 leap years - here in Memphis, the blonde one will be 16 around 3 pm.

Not that it matters, she wanted to be up now and on myspace, making sure everyone knew it was her birthday and was showering her with accolades. They all have school tomorrow, (because the cold, wet weather of this weekend went NOWHERE but up to almost 50 degrees. If it has to be cold and wet, can't we have some snow or ice to play with? Mud just doesn't cut it anymore.) but they'll be up to wish her a happy birthday.

Becky will celebrate her birthday by going to school. She wants to go to school on her birthday! My sister is officially the crazy one. She's been praying and hoping and doing a no-snow dance so she can go to school and get presents from her friends.

Becky's friend Ariel came over Saturday, and she agrees with Mom and me. We want snow on our birthdays! Yes, our birthdays are technically during the summer, but we could totally go to Antarctica next August for my Nice Nineteen! Anyone?

We all went out Saturday, Mom, Becky, Ariel, and me, since Becky wanted me. Beck and Ariel bowled for a couple hours, Mom and I went to the antique store where I got the MADs, and then we went to Goodwill because we all love it, then on to Bahama Breeze.

I found the perfect present for Becky at Goodwill - it was a bit pricey, but she adores it, so it was worth it. It's a miniature British-style phone booth that lights up! It also says "Pretty'N'Punk" across the door and an adjacent side, and when I got home, I looked it up and discovered it's a Bratz toy! Oh, ew! Still an awesome thing. It can hold her cell, I don't know, it's so cool looking. It was $3.99, a bit much, like I said, but still cheaper than the new thing. Though what a Bratz toy would be doing at Goodwill I'll never know... (Found a great book on Atheism there and a gift for another person, $3.99 and $4.99, respectively. Goodwill's getting a bit ritzy for my tastes...)

Bahama Breeze was a bomb. (We had a 'B' theme going for a while - Becky and Ariel were two teenage twits having a terrific time.) The lord gave Becky a Monday birthday this year, we could have gone to an expensive restaurant that night, so we wouldn't have to wait an hour and a half! 45 minutes before a table, and 45 minutes at the table.

And then the food wasn't so hot, either. Expensive, for one thing. My meal and my mom's were the only ones of any decent size. Mom got a plain hamburger and I got the great Cuban sandwich. Ariel got Jamaican chicken and Becky got a chicken sandwich. (Yes, CHICKEN. At BAHAMA Breeze. Becky swears that fish places have the best chicken - Captain D's, Joe's Crab Shack.)

Anyway, Becky's sandwich was small, and Ariel got the small size chicken dinner, because it was so pricey, it must be huge! we all assumed. It wasn't.

Luckily for them, my hunger is in an ebb mode, meaning I'm just not hungry often and when I am, I can barely finish a sandwich before being full - most of the time. So I let them have the second half of my delicious sandwich.

Don't do Bahama Breeze on the weekend - or at all, really. But if you do - Lemon Breeze and Cuban Sandwich. Expensive, but good.

Beck's also going out with her dad (he's my dad too, but I like saying that for some twisted reason) and his mom Friday for dinner.

All in all, her birthday week is going to be fun.

I'm going to try my hand at making her something tomorrow while she's at school and I'm not, which I totally don't rub in too much. Except when I wake up at 6 only to stagger to the couch and laugh myself back into sleep.

Since I've neglected the Dog of the Day, I'm combining the two.

Here's Dixie and Becky, mugging for the camera. Dig the tongue - Dixie's, not Becky's!

Happy Birthday, Becky, I love ya.

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