Monday, January 15, 2007

Martin Luther King Day

This holiday is a pain for students, I mean, we just got back into the swing of school again, and another day off to sleep in and watch Dirty Jobs?

Kidding, kidding. I'm still surprised that it's not a holiday in Nebraska, or at least where my cousins went to school.

My mom and I visited the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.

It was amazing and incredibly moving.

One of the images that stayed with me was the sheer hate in the faces of the young white students in Little Rock. It was so disturbing.

I want to go back, and I will. We went on Monday afternoon (it's free) along with, it seemed, every single summer day camp group of kids, who didn't seem to care.

The museum is split into two parts - the hotel and the boarding house where James Earl Ray stayed. The conspiracy theories about why he was there, the money, that intrigued me - not surprising, considering my love of the X-files.

There was a woman protesting outside the hotel. She believes that the money for the museum would be better used in charity projects. I talked to her and treated her with respect - we were at a museum about protest, it was appropriate. She's been out there for a long time, and, dammit, I forgot the website she had.

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